Matt Nunez


Chief Operating Officer

A native of Abbeville, Louisiana, Matt Nunez has resided in Baton Rouge since 1991. Matt worked in the nonprofit sector for ten years with the Louisiana Insurance Guaranty Association. As the Director of Accounting and Technology, he served on various National Accounting committees and panels. Matt’s main area of expertise is accounting and financial matters with additional skills in computer and personnel management.

Matt’s career has also included experience in handling regulatory issues relevant to nonprofit organizations.

Matt joined what was then the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation in 2008 as Director of Finance. Now that the organization has transitioned to the Foundation for Louisiana, he serves as COO and CFO, taking responsibility for all of the Foundation’s financial matters, including budgeting, investment management, and accounting procedure and oversight.

Matt earned a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he was recognized as the outstanding graduate in his college. He went on to earn a Masters in Accounting from Louisiana State University. Matt is an active member of the Methodist Church and enjoys being outdoors, and playing volleyball, softball and tennis.