Flozell Daniels reflects on the road to recovery and the path ahead


Foundation for Louisiana's beginnings, future, featured on W.K. Kellogg Foundation's digital feature, "New Orleans: A City Rebuilds"

In the days immediately following Hurricane Katrina, the physical devastation in New Orleans was matched by enormous personal devastation in the lives of residents who were stranded, displaced or, at worst, had lost family or friends.

Flozell Daniels, a lifelong resident of New Orleans and the president and CEO of the Foundation for Louisiana, said the real tragedy of Katrina was that it exposed the inequity that had affected Louisiana for 150 years. “It highlighted a state, region and community that had divested itself from its own people,” he said.

Daniels’ focus is clear: “We must invest in people. They are our most significant strength. People invest themselves in place, and place must invest in them. We want to allow people to have the influence and impact that they want to have to express their love for this place.”

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Published August 11, 2015