New Orleans 10 Years After Katrina (radio interview)


Foundation for Louisiana CEO and President Flozell Daniels, Jr. joins Jarvis DeBerry of the Times-Picayune, Paul Kemp of the Southeast Louisiana Protection Authority, and ninth ward grocer Burnell Cotlon for an hour-long reflection with on New Orleans' struggle to rebuild and where we go from here. Aired on Tom Ashbrook's NPN show, "On Point".

“Ten years ago this weekend, it was Hurricane Katrina, and levee failure, and epic flood. And New Orleans, not just underwater but in epic distress. Scenes of dispossession and epic despair in the heart of America. Of a fabled city, coming apart. It’s been a long road back. Not everyone’s come back. Parts of New Orleans are crackling with energy and money. Parts are not. The city is whiter. The levees are stronger. There are newcomers aplenty. Old stories that go on. And still, a wary eye on the waters that could come again. This hour On Point: New Orleans, 10 years after Katrina.”

-Tom Ashbrook

Click the play button below to listen, or visit On Point’s web page about this very special interview.

published August 26, 2015