Tanya Gulliver-Garcia


Associate Director, Programs and Planning

Tanya Gulliver-Garcia is the Associate Director of Programs and Planning. Her position includes helping FFL strengthen its capacity to manage various programmatic initiatives while also building an effective evaluation practice. She also assumes some supportive responsibilities for fund development and grants management. Additionally, she leads FFL’s Disaster Resilience Framework for Equitable Outcomes program that looks at FFL’s internal and external response to disasters in the state.

Tanya has lived and worked for most of her life in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her most recent work includes serving as the research coordinator for the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness/Homeless Hub (COH) based at York University. The COH works to mobilize research results so that they have a greater impact on the elimination of homelessness in Canada.

After graduating university in 1991, Tanya made a commitment to only work in social justice-related work and has focused on poverty, homelessness, LGBTQ rights, community development and marginalization of vulnerable communities. She has taught three different undergrad courses, including one that brought Toronto-area students to New Orleans to assist in rebuilding. She also has worked as a freelance writer and editor for a number of years and served on the board of directors of the Professional Writers Association of Canada for eight years.

Tanya is also a Ph.D. candidate (ABD) in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University with a special interest in community resiliency and recovery after catastrophic disasters. Her research work is based in St. Bernard Parish, where she lived for a couple of years.

Tanya has a Bachelor’s in Sociology from Glendon College, York University (which was completed bilingually in English and French) and a Masters of Environmental Studies from York University (for which she developed North America’s first risk-based heat registry to protect low income and marginally housed communities from extreme heat).

Tanya currently lives in Broadmoor. In her spare time she is an active volunteer with the American Red Cross serving as a lead responder for local disasters, the Community Partnerships Lead for the state, liaison to the state Emergency Operations Center and an instructor. She has responded to several major disasters across the United States and here at home.

Contact Tanya at [email protected]