Ra'Shaud Haines


Manager, Community Investment Fund

Ra’Shaud Haines is a “recovering banker” with a passion for empowering his community. He brings more than 15 years of consumer and commercial lending experience to the role of Community Investment Fund Manager.

His responsibilities include providing analysis of individual loans and combined loan portfolio performance and overseeing the development and implementation a plan for the coordination of the One Table.

Most recently, Ra’Shaud led the creation and launch of an automated financial innovation platform from concept to viable product, allowing credit unions to provide small loans to clients via an expedited, paperless process.

He previously served as Vice President of Commercial Lending at Liberty Bank, developing and maintaining important client relationships, generating revenue for the organization and leading the FDIC Small Dollar Loan Pilot Program, which provided responsible small loans to individuals and offered “workplace” loans through medium-size and large companies.

He received his foundational training in financial accounting, corporate finance theory, cash flow analysis, credit/risk analysis, financial modeling, valuation, business writing, business etiquette, advanced excel from Key Bank.

He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Morehouse College and an Master of Business Administration from Loyola University.