Klie Kliebert


Communications Manager

As Communications Manager at FFL, Klie Kliebert brings a combination of communications experience, a passion for telling the story of Louisiana, and an intersectional racial and social justice analysis to the team. They are an ambassador for the organization, working to amplify the voices and experiences of underrepresented Louisianans and position FFL as a thought leader in the space of criminal justice reform, police accountability, support for LGBTQ Louisianans, and support for Louisiana communities navigating the impacts of sea level rise and climate change.

Klie is a native Louisianan, digital strategist, writer, and community organizer who has served extensively within environmental, racial and gender justice movements for more than a decade. Since 2015, Klie has worked as the Communications Director for Water Works, a local L3C dedicated to building community resilience and reducing risk from flooding, pollution, and natural hazards through multidisciplinary solutions that integrate science, history, and art. Klie is also the Communications Director at Transilient, an internationally recognized project that documents the everyday lives of transgender and non-binary people across the United States. In an effort to eliminate stigma for the transgender community, Klie developed and implemented a digital strategy for Transilient that engaged millions of people globally, as the project was featured by Buzzfeed, HuffPost, OUT Magazine, the Human Rights Campaign, and the National Center for Transgender Equality throughout 2017. Klie believes that change occurs when we shift narratives toward truth, and they are committed to being part of that change both globally and here in their home state.

Additionally, Klie is the former Operations Manager for Public Lab (2015-17), an open source international community of scientists and activists focused on collecting data about our local environments. Klie has experience in HIV case management with Volunteers of America Baton Rouge (2007-08), is a Loyola University Institute for Environmental Communications Fellow (2016), and was the Safety Officer for GOSH (Gathering of Open Science and Hardware) in 2017. Klie has co-written multiple Codes of Conduct specifically within science and tech spaces, and they are a contributor to the Global Open Science Hardware Roadmap: an actionable plan to make science hardware open and accessible to everyone by 2025.

Klie continues to serve as a group facilitator with the Trans*Visible Network, a volunteer programmer for the New Orleans Film Society, and an Equity Moderator for an online peer learning group of over 40,000 non-profit professionals. Through their various professional and volunteer experiences, Klie has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to grassroots communities and to making sure that everyone has a place, all stories are told, and all voices are heard.

Contact Klie at [email protected]